Having the ability to pay school or university fees, reduce your mortgage, comfortably support yourself in retirement or cope with large unexpected costs can be a real asset. In more ways than one.

You may not always find yourself in a situation where you’re able to save money but putting a small amount aside every month or investing a lump sum whenever possible will give you peace of mind and freedom. And of course the longer you save, the more interest you’ll earn.

Investments: the Lowdown

Calculating the risks involved when thinking about investing is crucial if you want to increase the chance of getting a better return on your money. This is especially true if you’re planning a long term investment of five years plus. Finding the right investment with the appropriate level of risk can be bewildering. You need to work out how much risk you’re willing to take and look at what you wish to achieve through your investment. Are you investing in your future or do you want to earn an additional income?

Investing is not the same as saving. You may make a fortune, you may not see significant change in your finances – and of course you may lose money. Spreading the risk across different investments is highly advisable.

There are a number of things to before you make any investments:

  • Deal with, and clear, any outstanding debts
  • Check you have adequate protection if faced with an unexpected event
  • Build up some savings
  • Arrange your pension

At Goldmanread we have reputable contacts who will be very happy to advise you on any aspect of investing funds.

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The value of investments can fluctuate you may get back less than invested past performance is not an indication to future returns