Your health is the most precious thing you have so why take risks? After a health insurance policy starts and you develop an ‘acute condition’ if you wish to opt for private medical treatment you will need private medical insurance.

Healthcare: the Lowdown

In insurance speak, an ‘acute condition’ is a disease, illness or injury that is easily treatable so that you are quickly returned to your original state of health. Long-term conditions such as cancer and chronic illness are dealt with differently.

If you don’t want to face the possibility of a long NHS waiting list you might decide to take out private medical insurance. As with any type of insurance, packages vary but even the most basic insurance should take care of costs associated with the majority of in-patient treatments such as tests and surgery. It should also cover day-care surgery. Some plans will also cover out-patient treatment – seeing a specialist or consultant, for example.

When you purchase a health insurance policy you will be asked a number of questions about your wellbeing and about existing and past conditions. The insurer will find you a suitable plan based on your answers.

Should you not wish to divulge information you can apply for a policy on a moratorium basis. This means that you won’t be asked any questions about your health, but should you have suffered from any conditions in the last five years, they will initially be excluded from coverage.

Although Goldmanread cannot provide advice about healthcare we can certainly point you in the right direction. We have contacts throughout the insurance industry and can suggest a reputable company to suit your needs.

Need healthcare insurance? Contact us are not authorised to private medical insurance advice, you will be referred to a suitably authorised and qualified financial advise