Funeral Plans

Take the pressure off your loved ones by purchasing a Funeral Pre Payment Plan. Put simply this is the most fuss-free way of paying for your funeral in advance. It is also a way for you to ensure that your wishes are made clear so there is no inter-family dispute about your service or burial.

Like a will, it can be tempting to push funeral plans to the back of your mind but there is no better time to start planning than the present.

Funeral Plans: the Lowdown

There is no upper age limit and no medical required to take out a plan. You can choose how you pay too – either all at once or by monthly installments. And even if you take the plan out now and live for another 30 years, regardless of inflation, your loved ones won’t pay another penny.

Benefits of a Funeral Plan

    • It’s your funeral so why leave the details to someone else? Choose your favourite music and flowers, a particular church or location and whether you wish to be buried or cremated.
    • Funerals are hard enough to cope with but your family will have some comfort knowing that you’ll have been given the funeral you wanted.

Funeral Plans are not regulated therefore Goldmanread are not authorised to provide advice in this area. We can still assist you with your enquiry however and can recommend a sensitive and caring company to plan your funeral with.

Plan ahead. Contact us are not authorised to provide funeral plan advice, you will be referred to a suitably authorised and qualified financial adviser.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate funeral plans.