If you’re buying, selling or remortgaging your home you will very likely need some support with the conveyancing process – particularly if you’re a first time buyer.

Conveyancing: the Lowdown

Conveyancing is the legal term given to the act of changing the ownership of a property – and it can be an extremely complex process

Conveyancing incorporates investigation, the assessment of draft contracts, the exchanging of contracts, the completion and post-completion paperwork. Probably not things the average homeowner wants to get involved in!

Conveyancing is not a regulated product and Goldmanread are not authorised to provide advice in this area but we can still help if you have any questions. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll find someone who is best suited to your needs.

Moving home? Contact Us are not authorised to provide conveyancing services, you will be referred to a suitably authorised and qualified conveyancer

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate conveyancing activities.